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Embla Remote

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A remote for the Bladelius Embla CD and media player.

Besides working as a remote, this app also enables you to use upnp functionality with your Embla.

When first starting the application you will be presented with a search window that shows you all the Emblas that are connected to the same network as the iPad is connected to. The Embla you then select will be remembered and the next time you start the application it will reconnect to the same Embla by default.

If you have several Emblas and want to switch the default one to use, simply press and hold the stop button and the search view will be presented again.

The Album art image is clickable, it will cover a larger part of the screen if clicked once and resume to the smaller view if clicked again.

The right side of the view is used for browsing your media servers, the music content in the Embla as well as selecting AUX inputs on the Embla.