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ToyBrush 3D

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Have you met a giraffe with stripes or seen a smiling, polka dotted train? With ToyBrush 3D kids of all ages can design a menagerie of colorful animals, outfit a fleet of vehicles and decorate yummy treats by layering paint, decals and vivid patterns onto one of 21 toys. Add some hippie inspired flower power to a truck or ice a donut with fluorescent green frosting. By mixing and matching bold neons, cool pastels and retro patterns, kids can build a portfolio of favorites and easily save them with the in-app camera.

ToyBrush has endless options for artistic expression and with so many toys, unexpected color combinations, and fun stickers to apply, it never grows old. The app provides a perfect creative outlet and way for kids to bring the stuff of imagination to life in realistic 3D. The controls are easy to use and include a variety of brushes that allow for precision application of paint. Even toddlers can add perfect racing stripes and stay within the lines using the auto-fill rollers and rotation.

ToyBrush 3D is suitable for kids as young as 2 and features:

• Realistic 3D toys including a sailboat, car, truck, robot, train, house, cake, pie sundae, donut, rocket, teapot, bear, crocodile, cow, cat, giraffe, lion, sheep, snail and turtle

• Rainbow hued palette of paint colors

• Resizable stickers, decals and facial features to embellish creations

• Undo button for fixing mistakes

• Music and sound effects with independent on/off switches

• Simple child friendly camera save function

• Dedicated toddler setting which uses auto-rotation

• Rollers which apply color in controlled horizontal or vertical swaths

• Unlimited supplies and items to paint for never-ending fun

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