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The best way to access the programs stored in your TVkaista online PVR.

Attention: This app is intended for iPhone and iPod touch. If you have an iPad, please look for another app named: 'TVkaista for iPad'

By purchasing the app you get one month of subscription to the TVkaista online service (worth 20 €).

If you are already a customer of TVkaista, your current subscription will be extended by one month. Attention: If you are a new customer, the service will start recording content from the moment of registration and it will take about two hours until the first programs will be available through the app.

Most noteworthy features of the app are:

- Remembers where you left off and resumes playback at the same position

- Ability to download programs for off-line watching in 300 kbps or 2 Mbps -bitrate

- Streaming over WiFi

- Skipping commercials and other breaks by the provided +/- -buttons

- Program guide

- Ability to extend subscription straight from the app