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Divine Academy

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Divine Academy is a unique mixture of strategy and god-sim genres. Build your ancient city, develop your godly skills and rule your people.

Become a part of a fascinating world – a university for ancient Greek deities. Pass exams at the Divine Academy and get a license to cast the most powerful miracles! Build the most amazing metropolis by casting spells, accumulating wealth and empowering those around you. Be it gardening, architecture or math, help your people learn and explore new frontiers. Discover the vast and beautiful game world and learn to rule it!



- Transform your village into a prosperous metropolis

- Learn from deities and become one of them

- Cast spells to fight your enemies

- Construct stunning buildings and explore fascinating ruins

- Interact with charismatic and witty characters

- Have fun finding hidden treasures

- Experience amazing atmosphere of ancient Greek island

- Explore new lands and their secrets

- Invite your friends from Facebook and cast miracles together

- Keep in touch and play with your friends via Game Center


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