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Static Trainer

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(featured in Freedive Magazine #4 2014!)

Learn how to hold your breath (much) longer!

If you're a freediver – or just want to learn how to hold your breath longer – this is your training buddy. Easy setup and lots of info on the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ (there *is* a bit of technique and knowledge that’ll help you push through).

If you’re a freediver or spearo (underwater hunter), this is the tool for your apnea training.

Static Trainer has been adapted and improved through suggestions and ideas from freedivers around the world and can be configured to any need.

Static Trainer speaks, counts up or down in multiple intervals, has 5 different visualizations, it logs your training sessions and much much more.

In your training session everything is adjustable (see examples); but Static Trainer is set up with standard parameters: If you’re in a hurry, you only need to set *one* single parameter to get started!

Whether you simply want your buddys to go ‘wooot?’ when you tell them how long you can hold your breath – or if you are a freediver looking for a flexible and reliable training tool – Static Trainer is for you!

Lie back, relax, listen…

Happy diving!



Info, tips and guides

Fully customizable O2, CO2 and mixed tables

Vibration on start and end of breath hold

Audio countdown or count-up

Male or female voice

10/20/30 second interval count

5 different timer displays

'Mean' CO2 tables (if you are hardcore or in a hurry)

Logging + export of executed tables

Logged tables can be re-run

Large horizontal timer for group training sessions

Start countdown mm:ss from start or end of breath hold

Dimmer option on run-screen

Pause/resume on running table

AIDA official freedive competition rules countdown

AIDA style max attempt with user controlled count settings


Silly motivational coach (optional) for max attempt