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3D Jungle Hill Climb Racer - Bil Racing Spel Gratis

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You’re about to sit behind the wheel of some of the most powerful machines ever created! On a desolated planet Earth, your mission will be to travel through marshy swamps, spooky graveyard right to the burning hell. You’ll have to climb stacked up wrecks, only to perform insane jumps down. With 12 vehicles and 45 levels to choose from, you’re guaranteed plenty of fun. In order to complete each level, you’ll have to beat the ghost car that won’t give you an easy time. Once you set a new record go back and compete with yourself to get even better results and compare it with other players from around the world!

Game features:

- retina ready graphics

- huge selection of cars

- advanced physics

- great sound effects

- 45 hand drawn levels

- online leaderboard