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Airport City HD - Start your airplanes empire! Manage your aircraft and fly!

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In Airport City, you are challenged not only to build a modern international airport, but also to construct an entire city around it! Send flights all over the world, assemble collections of exotic items and meet charming characters.

Game features:

• An offline mode to play without the Internet. Play on the subway, on the road, or even on a plane. Enjoy!

• Beautiful graphics and high quality sound design

• Dozens of buildings and improvements to create unique cities and airports

• World famous landmarks to make your city stand out: the Coliseum, the Louvre, the Winter Palace and many others

• Start your own space program and set out on a journey to the stars

• Numerous collections from different parts of the world grant generous rewards once complete

• Simple and intuitive user interface and a helpful tutorial

• Exciting quests from vivid characters

*****User Reviews:*****


This game is so fun and interesting with so many twists and turns


Finally... A game that you can stay with

Jordan Bliese

Really fun, can't put it down

*****Media Reviews:*****

Airport City HD will definitely keep you entertained


It's all about the logistics of putting a working airport together"


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