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Jeppesen Garmin G1000 Mobile Training

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This innovative application will teach you the skills required to master operation of the G1000. The Jeppesen scenario-based, guided simulation system provides comprehensive knowledge of both VFR and IFR procedures and operations providing an economical and complete training solution.

The Jeppesen Garmin G1000 Training is an advanced, extensive mobile training program developed with input from Garmin that teaches the skills required to master the operation and confidently fly using the G1000. The Jeppesen scenario-based, guided simulation system provides comprehensive initial and recurrent knowledge of the functions and tasks required for VFR and IFR flight and greatly facilitates the transition to flying the Garmin glass cockpit. The training includes a multi-mode methodology that includes a “Demo Mode” demonstrating the selected topic using narration, text and graphics. A “Training Mode” that guides you through the required steps to accomplish the task, and a “Solo Mode” enabling the assessment of the user’s performance. Over 100 topics taught between 14 categories emulating the phases of flight for VFR and IFR procedures including autopilot operations, Emergency Operations and Quick Tips.

A free sample is provided, and individual courses and topic chapters are available for individual purchase.

The following is an overview of the available training modules:

• Complete VFR & IFR Bundled Course

• VFR Procedures Course

• IFR Procedures Course

• Startup Chapter (VFR)

• Pre-Takeoff Chapter (VFR)

• Departure Chapter (VFR)

• Enroute Chapter (VFR)

• Arrival Chapter (VFR)

• Autopilot Ops Chapter (VFR)

• Abnormal and Emergency Ops Chapter (VFR)

• Departure Scenarios Chapter (IFR)

• Enroute Scenarios Chapter (IFR)

• WAAS Overview Chapter (IFR)

• Approaches Chapter (IFR)

• Common Mistakes Chapter (IFR)

• Quick Tips Chapters for VFR & IFR