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Web Screen - Recorder Browser

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Web Screen Recorder let's you catch and record your online sessions through a unique and smart recording browser. After recording, you may export the video via email, social networks, messages and you can also save it to camera roll.

Why Web Screen Browser?


We are a well known company, implementing voice, screen & call recorders for years. As we stand for millions of satisfied users out there using our Products around the world.We are glad to finally bring it’s special product to iOS Apple App Store.

What Can you do with Web Screen Browser:

◆ Playing online games? Great! ◆


Recording Online Games, Apps, social networks and any browser's data content

◆ Looking for High Quality Recording? you just Found it ◆


High quality videos, small delay time

◆ Planning on recording offline? No problem! ◆


Record without Internet Data, Anytime, Anywhere!

◆ And how stable the browser? ◆


Good question! We aware of other products in the market and we know that they mostly unstable. But we can assure you Easy & Smooth Recording - guaranteed!

◆ What can I do with my recordings? ◆


Simple as a smile!

Easily Share your Videos via social networks, messages and more!

◆ Sounds Great! Any last words? ◆


Yes. We can assure you that our product provides stable recording so we can promise you that you Don't need to be afraid to miss any moment! And unlike any of our competitors, we are not going to give you a sad limit. Enjoy the app for enough time to use it and learn it. You are always welcome to upgrade, but we will never force you to.

So…What are you waiting for? come and joint the family.