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DOOORS 5 - room escape game -

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The new version of the "DOOORS" series, the stage clear-type escape game.

Solve the hidden mysteries to open the doors and escape from the room.

You'll encounter a familiar man.

He will bother you, but if you are in trouble he may help.

There are a total of 40 stages with mysterious rooms to escape from...


- Difficulty level beginner to intermediate.

- Includes 40 rooms of the stage clear-type escape game.

- No in-app purchase. All the stages are free to play.

- Simple yet conspicuous graphics.

- Auto-save for completed stages.

【Tips to escape】

- Tap the screen thoroughly.

- Use the obtained item on a suspicious place.

- There are tricks that could activate by swiping.

- Try to tilt or invert your device.


- I'm an independent developer creating apps by myself.

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