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iMailG for Gmail with PUSH & Touch ID

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√ Touch ID and Passcode protection with strong keychain security.

√ Free built-in PUSH notifications with various configurable ringtones and message formats.

√ Multi-login & 2-step authentication are supported with super FAST account switching

√ Full message view with font size adjustments.

√ Anti-phishing by displaying full undisguised URL before following external links.

√ In-app browsing or open links in Safari and Google Chrome.

√ Air-print web pages and email attachments.

√ Insert text snippets (like canned response) and HTML signatures

√ Attach multiple photos and scribbles with ease (iOS 6+)

√ Open attachments in 3rd-party apps like Good Reader etc.

√ Save images to iPad's photo album.

√ Search text in mail

√ Customizable shortcuts for mail search and external link

√ Custom Apps Domain Support

√ Smart rotation lock

√ Import/Export settings via clipboard

P.S. We take security and privacy concerns seriously when designing this app. Your credentials are stored in iOS keychain and well encrypted during network communications. Your privacy is highly respected as information delivered to/from your Google account would never be shared with any 3rd-party.