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Poke Finder - Locator for Pokemon Go

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Get the only Pokemon Locator that really works!

Just added in last update: Better screening on user submitted sightings to block fake postings.

Unlike other top locators on the store which may get you BANNED, we are not connecting to Niantic's servers. We use our own proprietary algorithm to tell you where all the best Pokemons are!

Just click on the arrow to zoom into your location and scan the area for Pokemons!

Go to another area on the map and Poke Finder will automatically search in that area.

If you are not finding any Pokemons around you, send us a message at [email protected] We will run a scan for you. Usually this only happens in rural areas, as Pokemons tend to be found in highly populated areas. This is the way Niantic has created the game, unfortunately. We are hoping they will add more Pokemons for our users in areas outside the big cities.

Please send us feedback on what you'd like to see us add to the app! [email protected]

Visit our Poke Finder page on Facebook!

Happy Hunting!