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Burnout City

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An easy but surprisingly fun game!

Play this fun and addicting game today!


Easy! Thrilling! A race full of fun!

Try Burnout City, a ridiculously fun and easy game.

You play a character who has been falsely accused of a crime you did not commit! You’re not going to let them catch you that easily, are you?

Become a fugitive and run from the police!

Try out this exciting game that is full of thrill and delights!

** Main Features

- Thrilling police chases!

- Speedy delivery & escape missions!

- Various vehicles with its own characteristics!

- Competition with friends all over the world!

** Highly recommended to:

- Users who enjoy casual games

- Users who does not enjoy racing games (yes, even you can enjoy this one!)

- Users who take their time in the bathroom (constipation? no problem!)

- Users who enjoy racing games

- Users who are looking for games to kill time

- Users who prefer one-touch games

- Users who are under intense stress