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LivePoke - Live Map and Notifications For Pokemon Go

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LivePoke is a live Pokemon notification app that gives you:

- Live map for Pokemon GO

- Get push notification when a Pokemon is nearby

- No accounts/sign up necessary

- Loads Pokemon data in less than 1 second, fastest on the market!

Time is essence in the Pokemon Go world, the average Pokemon disappears in just 10 minutes! Never miss a rare Pokemon again! We will silently search and filter your Pokemons! Even those beyond the visual range of your Pokemon Go app! LivePoke is simple to use yet extremely powerful.

BATTERY WARNING: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life!

Background apps will inherently drain more power than normal apps. However, we have highly optimized the app so that it will only search once every 5 minutes or so while the app is in the background.

DISCLAIMER: We are not associated, affiliated with Pokemon Go, Niantic, Nintendo, Pokemon, Google in any way.