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• ‘This iPhone App Blocks Behavior-Tracking Ads and Evades Blocker-Blockers’ – Motherboard.

Better makes the web safer, lighter, and faster.

Better is a web privacy tool for Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It protects you from tracking and behavioural advertising on the web by enforcing the principles of the Ethical Design Manifesto (

Better is developed and curated by – that’s Laura, Aral, and Osky – we’re a tiny two-person-and-one-husky social enterprise striving for social justice in the digital age. (Osky doesn’t code much.)

Better is free as in freedom, transparent, and open.

Thank you for helping us make the web better.


• Blocks trackers and behavioural advertising.

• We maintain our own block list based on our own web crawls to identify and block the most prevalent trackers. This makes Better’s block list lightweight and effective.

• Improves the readability of popular web sites.

• Easily contact us about sites that don’t play well with Better so we can fix it for everyone. (You can also add exceptions to turn Better off for certain sites until we’ve had a chance to fix things.)

• Teaches you about trackers with encyclopedia-like entries.

• Spotlights the worst offenders… Did you know that the worst site we found on the web had 172 trackers? Better blocks them all and makes that site 4× lighter and 15.8× faster!

• Blocks blocker blockers (try saying that quickly a few times). Read our open letter to Wired in the app or on our web site to find out why blocking blockers puts people at risk on the web.

• It’s open… anyone can help make Better even better.

What people are saying about Better:

— ‘Works really well and a delightful onboarding experience’

— ‘Fantastic blocker with a rational, ethical approach to privacy and monetization in this digital age.’

— ‘I snapped this up after reading the open letter to Wired (such a pet peeve) but I stayed for the awesome.’

— ‘Thanks for such an incredibly simple app to make the web just that bit better!’

— ‘It's good to see such nice people stand up to tracking and malvertising. This app does everything it promises to do and sets a new gold standard in content blockers. Spend a few bucks to take back the web from disrespectful business models. You won't regret it.’