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WordWhizzle Search

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*** With WordWhizzle Search, word building has never been so fun, challenging, and addictive! ***

--- WordWhizzle Seach is the new hit game from the makers of the popular word games WordBubbles & WordWhizzle! ---

Help the WordWhizzle Professor and become the top word search expert by finding hidden words in a grid of letters... Swipe letters up, down, diagonally, and across to build words as you and the Professor tackle the ultimate vocabulary challenge!

WordWhizzle Search is a classic word search game with a twist. It features hundreds of themed levels that will test your skills and keep you entertained for hours…


Seven reasons why you should try WordWhizzle Search:

• Free! It costs nothing to play!

• 900+ fun and challenging levels!

• As you play, the difficulty level increases along with your skills!

• WordWhizzle sharpens your vocabulary and tests your puzzle prowess!

• Solving WordWhizzle Daily Puzzles gives you free hints!

• Show off your skills and play WordWhizzle with friends on Facebook!

• Easy to play, but hard to beat!


Do you have what it takes to help the Professor conquer WordWhizzle Search? Play for free right now!