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IHCTablet® lets you control your LK IHC® installation in a whole different way. Set your creativity loose and create your very own control panel for controlling all your LK IHC Controllers - at the same time. IHCTablet® utilizes the build-in Foto albums on your iPad, for use as backgrounds and features a new and interesting way of interacting with buttons and dimmers - and combining them. Create an unlimited number of levels for navigating around your floor plan or between geographically different installations. IHCTablet® connects from anywhere using WIFI or 3G cellular networks. IHCTablet® offers the possibility of reading and controlling your temperature.

IHCTablet® supports all iPad models and utilizes the Retina display on the iPad3 fully.

NOTICE! Requires a LK IHC® Controller, that is connected to a network, and have been enabled to allow connection, as expalined in the IHCTablet user manual.