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Mind the Gap – Guess Words in English Texts

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Förbättra din engelska samtidigt som du spelar! Mind the Gap ger dig ett urval av 500 handplockade texter. I var och en av texterna appen tar bort delar av ord. Din uppgift är att fylla i de saknade fragmenten. Det som verkar enkelt vid en första anblick kan vara ganska svårt. Medan du spelar din övergripande förståelse av engelska språkkonstruktioner förbättras. The Arcade Mode utmanar dina multitasking färdigheter. Det låter dig fylla i luckor i Englisch ordspråk under tidspress. Det är en utmaning - och det är kul!

––––– The above text was translated by Google Translate,

––––– so please excuse or enjoy funny grammar mistakes

––––– Here comes the original description in English

Have you ever solved a crossword puzzle in context?

You are just looking for a high-quality time killer app? You want to work on your natural feel for language.You want to prepare for an English exam. No matter what Mind the Gap offers an exciting platform for language lovers and word nerds.

Take an interesting and authentic English text and erase parts of words. In Mind the Gap you have to reconstruct the missing fragments.

Sounds easy – it isn‘t!

You won‘t believe how difficult this is!

Take the challenge and see how far you can get.

The texts include interesting trivia from all parts of culture, science and life.

Mind the Gap offers a natural and instinctive way for you to improve your language skills.

It is at the same time a word game and a learning app with over 500 texts covering interesting facts and trivia from all parts of culture, science and life.

Language is way more than vocabulary and grammar! It‘s understanding in context.

Challenge yourself under time pressure in the Arcade Mode and complete damaged idioms, proverbs and common sayings. This will definitely demand your multitasking skills.

Mind the Gap is an offspring of the well-known educational initiative science-to-touch, which already launched the popular science and art app iOrnament which is rated five stars on many app stores.

Have a fun time improving your English and knowledge with this interactive language game.

Mind The Gap offers a whole range of features:

LARGE DATA BASE - 15 subject areas with over 500 texts on different levels

FEEDBACK- feedback and statistics on your results

DICTIONARY - look up unfamiliar words in the dictionary

PREPOSITION MODE - gap prepositions only (on iPad)

AE vs. BE - choose between American and British English

HINTS - integrated hints and rewards

STATS - individual stats covering your progress

ARCADE MODE - fill gaps in proverbs and sayings

POWER UPGRADE - unlimited access to hints, the arcade mode and user-defined layouts