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Plick - Köp & sälj second hand kläder

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Plick 3.0 – Iterated and Redesigned

* My Feed becomes Home

We know Plick inside and out, so we constantly find all the hidden gems within it. Therefore we decided to add curated lists in the app with all of the hidden treasures.

* Inspo all the way!

In Home you will find the tab INSPO, in there the very best of what Plick has to offer is available in several different curated, themed, lists!

* Our very best, Plick Picks!

If you switch over to the tab named Plick Picks you will find the finest gems available in one, easy to reach, place. No hassle, just awesome garments.

* Don't miss out with Following!

This is the feed that helps you stay on top of your favourite sellers most recent uploads! Get those fab items first!

* Send pics in our Chat!

Finally you can send pictures in our chat! YEY! So now you can ask and receive another image of that cool detail that just didn't quite get enough attention in the pictures posted.

Customise your profile, and show your followers who you are!

Add an awesome header photo, a fab profile pic, and write an awesome intro to you.

Get the redesigned Plick and be amazed by new features and the improved shopping experience!

Thank you for thinking second hand, first!