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Football Coach Pro

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Football Coach Pro is a play editor, practice designer, and team management app for American or Canadian Football. You can design and save plays and drills, store your rosters, and present your work on external displays, projectors, or full screen on your device.

New Feature:

- Plays created in steps can now be viewed as a series

- Text boxes can be placed directly on the field

General Features:

- Save "Plays" and "Drills"

- Write and save general notes or notes specific to your plays

- Save "Formations" as templates to make plays faster and more efficiently

- Manage your team with the Roster Editor

- Present plays on an external display, projector or in full screen on your device

- Share plays and rosters as files with iTunes File Share or email them

- Export plays as photos

Play Editor Features:

- Grass or Black-and-White field

- Add orange cones

- Add footballs

- Add and move player objects

- Change color of player objects

- Add text to player objects

Drawing Features:

- Dashed or Solid lines

- Automatic arrow option

- Change marker color

- Change marker size

- Undo

- Eraser

- Clear screen