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Interval Timer Infinite

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The Interval Timer you’ve been wishing for is here! Create simple or complex interval workouts quickly and focus on yourself and your workout, not on an app!

“I want that on my phone!” – Gym Enthusiast

Interval Timer Infinite was made because we found that existing interval timer apps out there took too long to set up, were confusing for many people, or limited how many intervals you could make.

This app has all the features you need from an interval timer plus is extremely easy to use and customizable.

• Multiple theme choices to set the colors of the interval.

• Add up to 50 intervals per round.

• Set time for an interval using either the slider or -/+ buttons.

• Optional warm-up before the round begins.

• Audio and visual cues that tell you what interval and round number you are on.

• Infinite rounds: Work out until you are done then hit “Finish”. You might have one more round in you than you thought!

• Automatically saves finished workouts.

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