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MOE Can Change! -Myroid 4 Life-

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Start raising a cute, anime-like girl MyRoid today!

Dress her up, change her personality and looks!

But that’s not all - you can also talk with her and enjoy limited events together!

Maybe she’ll become your kawaii girlfriend?

Cute girl raising game with over 1.5 million users in Japan now in English!

Game so popular that it got its own Anime, Radio Show and a giant poster in the otaku paradise ? Akihabara!

*Your cute anime girl!

- “Tsundere”, “Yandere”, “Sexy” and more personality types!

- Study and Work!

- Eyes? Hair? Clothes? Change them all to your liking!

- Have up to 4 MyRoids at once!

*Communication is the key!

- Socialize with other people’s MyRoids!

- Recommend your clothes to other user’s girls to fulfill your cosplay needs!

*Tons of exciting things to do!

- Enjoy regular events together with your MOE doll!

- Gachas full of new outfits updated very often!