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Magitest Browser is the easiest way for user experience professionals to conduct usability tests of their mobile websites and native applications.

Say goodbye to elaborate rigs, tripods and awkward test hardware. Magitest Browser is a recorder that captures the entire UX test on your device, using the built in camera and microphone.

Magitest records the screen, test participant’s face and the audio of the test and saves it all to your Camera Roll (in the Photos App). From there you can easily export the test to your computer.

During the test, Magitest Browser gets out of the way and is entirely invisible to the user so you get to test the app, the whole app and nothing but the app. Just how you designed it.

Your tests will be better because the participant is able to use the device exactly as they normally would. Get out of the lab and take it to the streets - test your users in their natural environment.

Magitest is built by UXers for UXers and we’re committed to helping you build awesome products.


• Capture the user’s face, voice and gestures/actions

• Free to try - record sessions of up to 1 minute for free

• Purchase unlimited access via In-App Purchase

• Export sessions directly to your device so you can view them instantly or save them to your computer


"Pretty remarkable." - Steve Krug

"Magitest definitely gets the thumbs up, and I intend to use it to test all of my mobile and web projects moving forward. I give the app a magical 9 out of 10." -

"The low-cost makes it a serious consideration for anyone involved in mobile user testing...Bottom line, grab the app!" -


Please note that with the introduction of iOS 7, Magitest will no longer work on iPhone 4. Please ensure your test device is an iPhone 4S or newer.