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Halloween Haunted House

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Mix your own Halloween music and sound effects with Halloween Haunted House! This app puts the power of DIY sonic terror at your fingertips with the ability to easily create your own spooky soundtracks from scratch. Tap, swipe and shake to combine your choice of Halloween-themed songs with a huge selection of spine-chilling sound fx and ambiences for a fully customizable holiday experience.

Halloween Haunted House Features:

Build custom horror soundscapes in real time to spook friends and visitors

Perfect for trick or treating, Halloween parties, pumpkin carving, crafting, pranks & more

Browse the Music Player: choose from 30 different festive and disturbing music stems to lay the foundation of your soundscape

Includes reimagined Halloween classics like Nightmare on Elm Street and a heavy metal Monster Mash

Also includes Eerie original compositions like Night of Terror and Howling Souls.

Browse the Sound FX Player: layer as many sounds on top of the music track as your wicked heart desires

168 different sound effects ranging from disturbing to silly in 28 categories

Sound FX categories include Cat Meows, Goblins, Monster Growls, Organ Slides, Screams, Thunderstorms, Witch Cackles, Zombie Bats & more

Trigger, loop, and adjust the volume of each sound effect

Control the balance of music and fx

Shake your phone to stop all sound at once