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Sportstec Player

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Sportstec Player puts the power of SportsCode vision directly in the palm of your players.

Sportstec Player enables athletes to review their clips, playbooks and statistics anytime, anywhere!

Sportstec Player is the perfect coaching companion. Designed to work seamlessly with all SportsCode products (Gamebreaker Plus, SportsCode Pro and SportsCode Elite) it is the ultimate tool to help you to unlock the potential of your athletes while on the go!

Key Features

• Work with up to 4 camera angles per event

• Build customized views for each of your players

• Put a spotlight on key moments with intelligent drawing tools

• Swipe up and down to navigate video events

• Swipe left and right to switch between camera views

• Works with SportsCode Gamebreaker Plus, SportsCode Pro and SportsCode Elite

• Easily manage and distribute all of your Player files with the Sportstec Command Centre!

Exclusive Functionality for SportsCode Elite

• Review SportsCode driven statistics with related video

• View your customized output reports with related video

SportsCode: Powerful, Innovative Performance Analysis

Sportstec’s premier coaching software designed exclusively for teams and individuals at the forefront of sports performance. Analyze and review video and game data easier and faster than ever before. Offering flexibility you simply won’t find anywhere else. Quite simply it breaks new ground, for coaches and individuals alike.

Our Passion

SportsCode lets you design your ultimate performance. It starts from scouting your opponent, plotting the ultimate game plan and then projecting your findings to your players. SportsCode has been built for coaches, to translate your designs into player knowledge.

Our Commitment

SportsCode software has over 15 years of continual development. There are over 10 million lines

of development code, and every line has been carefully crafted for the benefit of our customers.

SportsCode will continue to be the leader of innovation.

Looking for a video analysis solution? Visit for details on its complete range of

innovative performance analysis solutions.

To learn more about Sportstec follow us on

Twitter: @Sportstec,