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Helicopter Flight Simulator Online 2015 Free - Flying in New York City - Fly Wings

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Helicopter Flight Simulator Online 2015 it's finally here!

Be prepared to be amazed in this real world simulation! Fly some of the most famous helicopters above New York. We added road traffic, blimps, balloons, cruise ship and a huge aircraft carrier to make it as perfect as we can. We added even the feature to fire missiles from an Apache Army helicopter! Very exciting!

Choose one of the best helipads to depart and land, including rooftops, parking lots, in the aircraft carrier, cruise ship. Fly with 6 helicopters over 60 different missions!

Environment physics also include weather conditions, such as winds and turbulence.

These are the Helicopters included in the game:

- Eurocopter HH-65 Dolphin

- Bell 47

- Bell 206 Jet Ranger

- Bell 407

- Aerospatiale Gazelle SA 341

- Boing Army Apache AH64 (with missiles included)


- 7 aircraft

- 70 missions

- Exclusive missions depending on your helicopter

- Military Apache Helicopter exclusive missions

- Functional instruments on Helicopter, including all cockpits..

- Dynamic instruments and advanced HUD.

- Detailed helipads

- Detailed world, with trees, buildings, clouds, water and ocean.

- Car traffic, other flight aircraft, blimps, balloons.

- Two ships: one cruise and one Aircraft Carrier

Become a rescue pilot, military pilot, private or commercial helicopter pilot! It's up to you!