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foolcontrol lets you control RED DIGITAL CINEMA DSMC™ cameras (EPIC and SCARLET) via wifi or ethernet. This software will ONLY work with RED camera running firmware 5.2.28 or above connected to the same network as your iOS device with additional wifi accessory or cable listed below.

Available pages in 1.4 release

- PREVIEW : recording state, format, project / sensor frame rate, timecode, pre-record, frame trigger frame tagging, REDcode, lookaround, shutter angle / speed, histogram, goal posts, traffic lights, gamma / color space, recording mode, frame processing, HDRx, Motion Mount, iris vale, white balance, ISO, tools, RAW view, magnify, production info, scene and take metadata, battery level / time left, media remaining / recording time, clip count, clip name, previous clip info. Indicators for : LAN, ext. timecode, sync, genlock, RIG, errors, camera fan speed and temperature. Eject media, enter power saving modes and shutdown the camera.

- FOCUS : control your lens's focus using foolcontrol focus knob and tools. Circular focus disc with advanced features : colored users marks, smooth bezier rack focus with adjustable speed, add hard stop for near/far focus, select 1,2,3,4,5 or 10 knob turns for super precise focusing without loosing any previous marks, searchable preset focus discs markers, create, recall, sort, rename and export your own user focus distance discs : unique mode lets you add repeatable distance marks for your lenses. AF mode selection, autofocus trigger, AF zone size and center, rack focus mode points recall, iris, magnify, record start stop, audible marks and more

- LOOK : set camera look using a multi speed slider or manual value input : contrast, exposure, saturation, shadow, brightness, RGB gains, kelvin, tint and FLUT. Color temperature presets, auto white balance, ISO, color / gamma space.

- CURVES : Shape luma, red, green and blue curves to create in-camera grades. Drag curves points using 3 different modes for normal, fine, and super fine curve adjustment.

- PLAYBACK : list all the clips on your media with timecode and duration information. Play forward, backward, frame by frame, go to end and beginning, set in/out points, go to next/previous tagged frame, set playback speed and looping mode. See histogram, timecode, frame number, clip duration, scene and take information, ISO and color temperature value.

- KEYS : navigate your camera menu using knob, buttons or gesture pad. Access to all buttons and menu pages.

- PRESETS : create and apply camera presets. A single preset can include one or several parameters including look, curves, camera settings, slate and many more. Presets can be sorted, renamed and exported/re-imported by email.

- SLATE : quickly set metadata values for production, director, director of photography, scene, take, project info, camera operator, unit and location. Set timecode mode and value.

- CONNECTION : automatic camera discovery.

- ABOUT : application preferences and link to support by email

More pages coming soon in a free update :


Inline help pages with gesture shortcut list.

To connect the camera and foolcontrol to the same network you will need to have of of these :

- RED lemo to GIG-E cable and a wireless router.

- RED REDLink wifi module.


more info, video demos and support :

Please note :

This application requires iOS 8.0 and up and will only work with RED DSMC cameras running firmware 5.2.28 and up. It does not work with the RED ONE or any other camera. Focus control requires a RED DSMC Canon or Nikon mount and a compatible electronic lens. Cinema PL glass control via external motor will require RED WMD module and motors, foolcontrol will only support PL glass control with a REDLink module or lemo GIG-E connection.