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Path is a simple and beautiful space to capture and share everyday moments of your life with people who matter most to you.

Every moment is treasured on Path: a selfie with your friends at a party, a daily check-in at your favorite coffee shop, a book you can’t put down, or a catchy song you just can’t get out of your head.

On Path, you can:

- Capture and edit photo and video with our powerful and easy-to-use camera tools

- Express your feelings with a set of emotions including love and laughter

- Share a song, movie, or TV show, and see what your friends are enjoying too

- Check-in at your favorite place and discover recommendations from your friends

- Manage who can see your moments by creating an Inner Circle or making your moment private

- Handpick moments to show on other social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and more

Start sharing your life on Path today!