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The Zlagboard is more than a normal hangboard for climbers. Paired with this app, it allows an automated and efficient training supervision and an automated hangtime and pull up measurement. Please note, that this app works only with the corresponding physical board.

The app contains the following features:


Workouts are quick trainings that you can do whenever you feel you have some extra energy. These plans can be accessed for free by Zlagboard owners.

Pro plans:

Pro plans are training programs, that were designed by professional climbers. They usually last for several months and consist of hundreds of exercises. The first set of pro plans was designed by Patxi Usobiaga, former world champion and trainer of Adam Ondra. The basic pro plan is accessible for free, further plans can be purchased as in-app buys.


The application tracks the training sessions and creates statistics of the results. Climbers get an overview of their progress and improvements.

Custom workouts:

The custom workout feature allows you to design individual workouts. You can define the training series yourself, choosing holds, hang and pause times as well as exercice repetitions and rest times. Up to 30 exercises can be saved, retrieved and edited.

Level check:

With the level check you can test your strength and stamina. It will help you choose the training programs that fit your performance level. You can also use this feature to measure your progress.


Start a hangtime competition with your friends! It is up to you to decide on which holds to hang. The results will leave no room for doubt as to who can hang the longest!