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Cool math games for kids & toddlers: tracing numbers, addition, subtraction, free worksheets for preschool & kindergarten

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From the creators of ABC games featured by the Guardian!

Anything can be fun, even math! With Cool Math Games kids will have a time of their lives learning numbers and developing key mathematical skills. Designed by seasoned experts in early education and based on the proven Montessori approach, this app turns kids into little math wizards!


- Over 200 math worksheets & games

- Interactive math quizzes & puzzles

- Lively animation and professional voiceover

- Motivational badges and rewards

- Multiple kids’ profiles

- Based on Montessori approach

- Designed by experts in preschool education


- Tracing and counting numbers

- Essential numeracy skills

- Addition, subtraction, division & multiplication

- Basic geometric shapes

- Sequences and patterns

- …and much more – all while having fun!

Children learn and interact with the app at their own pace. Special rewards will motivate them to go further and enjoy the progress. And with customizable profiles multiple kids can use the app on the same device and have their own separate experience.

Turn your iPhone or iPad into early education center with Cool Math Games!