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Roy Harris Grip Fighting

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Belt Level: Mid-white to low-purple.

Emphasis: Controlling an opponent using grips, as well as escaping from the grips your opponent applies to your gi.

Being almost 100 minutes in length, this app teaches and demonstrates theory, several major grips, several major gi grip locations, several minor gi grips locations, a bunch of major no gi grips, some pincer and wrist hooking locations, how to break free from these grips, 80+ techniques, some sparring and a few handfuls of training methods. When all of this is put together, you can see how it was designed to take your gi and no gi training to the next level!

Knowing how to GRIP FIGHT is fundamental to getting, and keeping, the edge! If you're ready to take your game to the next level, download this one-of-a-kind app today!

Here is an overview of each chapter:

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Theory

Chapter 3 - Gi Grips

Chapter 4 - Major Gi Grip Locations

Chapter 5 - Minor Gi Grip Locations

Chapter 6 - Various No Gi Grabs

Chapter 7 - Wrist Hooks

Chapter 8 - Forearm Pincers

Chapter 9 - No Gi Controls

Chapter 10 - Grab, Hook, Pincer Locations

Chapter 11 - Applying Presure

Chapter 12 - Grip Combinations

Chapter 13 - Grips In Motion

Chapter 14 - No Gi Controls in Combination

Chapter 15 - Breaking the Gi Grips

Chapter 16 - Strengthening Your Grip

Chapter 17 - Extras