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Professional marine navigation used to require an expensive GPS plotter. Now, same technology used in merchant shipping is available for the iPad and iPhone. 

Seapilot lets you navigate like a pro with vectorized S-57 chart data from National Maritime Administrations. This is the first navigation app to feature Automatic Identification System (AIS) and built in weather forecasts, when within a mobile network. Charts and features available as In-App Purchase.

Use it to navigate, to plan tomorrow’s boat trip or reminisce about yesterday’s. (PS. Even works in your sofa at home.)

Seapilot features:

• Free trial period of included functionallity

• Professional navigation based on merchant shipping standards for ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System)

• S-57 chart data (In-App Purchase) and AIS data from National Maritime Administrations 

• AIS (Automatic Identification System) (In-App Purchase) for real-time tracking of vessels equipped with an AIS transponder. 

• High quality 5-day Coastal Weather Forecasts (In-App Purchase).

• Developed by True Heading, leaders in marine navigation and communication at sea, with cutting-edge AIS and VHF know-how


Δ Positioning via GPS 

Δ Visualization of S-57 chart data from National Maritime Administrations 

Δ AIS data from National Maritime Administrations via Internet (3G or WLAN) 

Δ Course and speed vector for AIS targets

Δ Own heading

Δ Autonomous navigation - charts (In-App-purchase) downloaded to the device 

Δ Rapid chart management

Δ Easy return to own position

Δ Option of tracking your own boat on the chart

Δ Displays position, course and speed

Δ Adjustable own speed and course vector 

Δ Man Overboard function

Δ Display settings for day, dawn/dusk and night

Δ Routes/waypoints (Export/Import functions in GPX-format, save to list)

Δ Past track (Export/Import in GPX-format, save to list)

Δ Plotting/marking objects (Export/Import in GPX-format, save to list)

Δ Electronic bearing and range marker from own vessel

Δ True Motion and adjustable North Up / Head Up chart orientation

Δ Chart object search

Δ AIS target search

Δ Setting of safety contour (2, 3, 6, 10 and 15 meters)

Δ Hide/show status, tool bar and own AIS target

Δ NMEA-0183 interface for connecting external GPS/AIS via WIFI

Δ World chart for rough overview/orientation

Δ Facebook integration; share position with friends or all users, list friends, show friends or all users on chart, post on wall

In-App Purchase:

Δ National S-57 chart data.

Δ Coastal Weather Forecasts for 5 days

Δ Internet AIS-data

Δ Marks, routes and past track

Δ Import and export of routes (gpx)

Δ NMEA sensordata


iOS 5.1 or later, iPad or iPhone with GPS. (External GPS unit can be used for other models.)

Based on 140 years of experience, Seapilot has been developed by True Heading ( – experts at AIS, VHF, marine navigation and communication at sea. 

• True Heading is a leader in AIS products with over 40 years of navigation experience. – An authority on professional navigation.


Your input is essential in helping us further develop Seapilot. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] For the latest info, like Seapilot on