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iStatVball 2 iPad Edition

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'iStatVball 2 iPad Edition' is an extremely powerful, yet easy to use, sports statistics engine for recording and analyzing volleyball stats. No more need for bulky laptop computers or old fashioned pencil and paper. Now coaches, players, and even parents can track sophisticated team and individual stats with ease.



iStatVball pricing is broken down into multiple levels so that you can choose the best combination to meet your needs and budget. There are two decisions to make when deciding on your purchase...

1. Standard Features or Pro?

The Pro version adds custom reports, collegiate box scores, multi-device recording, real-time and rotation-based stats, and cumulative stats by tournament, career, opponent, date, league, and more. Everything else is included in the Standard version.

2. How Many Teams?

Both Standard and Pro versions let you track stats for one team at a time. If you need more teams (e.g, Frosh/Soph and JV), you can add 1 More, 2 More, or Unlimited teams.

The Pro and additional team upgrades can be purchased from within the app.


* Optimized for the iPad

- Takes full advantage of the iPad screen real estate

- Only 1 tap per stat entry!

- Full support for Retina displays

* Efficient interface

- Choose between list view or rotating court view

- 'Auto Focus' and 'Auto Set' features for increased speed and accuracy

- Full libero tracking including support for the USAV two libero rules

* MultiStat feature allows you record stats using multiple devices for the same match. (Pro)

* Flexible lineup system

- Lineups can be used as an optional, time-saving template

- Players can be added or replaced at any time during a match

- Save lineups directly from recording screen (Pro)

* Full MaxPreps support.

* Post results to Twitter and Facebook in real-time directly from the app!

* Over 80 statistics, from the common to the esoteric

- Sideout percentage, FSSO%, FBSO%

- Serving accuracy, 0-4 rating, points on serve

- Hitting percentage, kills per set

- Passer rating (0-3 or 0-4), serve receive vs. free ball

- Total blocks, digs, assists

- Win-loss record, winning percentage, point ratio

- Playing time for each player (by percentage, time, points)

- Earned points and unforced errors, +/- scoring

* Official collegiate box scores. (Pro)

* Rotation-based stats (Pro)

- Points scored for/against

- Sideout %, hitting, passing, blocking

* Stats are cumulative, so they can be summarized and analyzed over time. Drill down to an individual set, or generate reports for a match, a tournament, or an entire season! Even analyze your stats versus particular opponents or for league vs. non-league. (Pro)

* Real-time stats for analysis live during a match, including a summary view directly within the recording interface. (Pro)

* Nicely formatted stat tables make reading your data easy. Design your own custom reports. (Pro)

* Complete play-by-play event log.

* Easily email your stats to coaches, players, parents, or members of the media.

* Send stats in PDF, HTML, or CSV format.

* Easily transfer old stats from paper or other sources.

* Powerful data features

- Backup your data for safekeeping

- Transfer your data between devices

- Full compatibility with 'iStatVball 2' on the iPhone/iPod touch

* Unlimited levels of undo while recording.

* Easily substitute players in and out of the game.

* Manage your team roster with player profiles that include photo, name, uniform number, and positions.

* Easily edit match stats and results after-the-fact.

* Full HTML help text available within the app or online as a searchable PDF.


If you have comments, questions, feature requests, or bug reports, please email us at:

[email protected]

For the latest information, visit our website at:

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