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EdenCity Chat - for online flirts & games whether single, for friends or find new people with your partner.

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EdenCity is among the most popular Chat & Game communities in the German speaking region.

Now with the Livegames LiveBackgammon, LiveCanasta, LiveSkat, LiveKnobel and LiveMauMau!


Now with the Edencity App the community is also coming to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Meet thousands of online users who you can instantly contact in one on one chats or play with them.

Meet thousands of online users who you can instantly contact in one on one chats or play with them.

With our exciting live games, you can pass the time between Flirts and stimulating conversations.

Meet, Flirt, Date and play with interesting new people from your region in Edencity.

The inhabitant access will be offered to you at various points in the App as “In App Purchase” this means you can receive inhabitant status in the App without an additional Download.

The inhabitant access 'Inhabitant Eden Subscription' ($ 14.99) will be renewed automatically once a month until you cancel it again. The ihabitant access runs 32 days.

The inhabitant access 'Inhabitant Eden’ ($ 18.99) will not be renewed and expires automatically after one month (32 days). But can be extended manually.

Note to the subscription setting in your store account:

Under the menu item 'View Apple ID' you can manage your app subscription.

You have to choose EdenCity Chat on the page 'Manage App subscriptions' of the store menu. Here you can enable or disable the automatic subscription.

Visit us at for numerous extras for Guests and even more for Inhabitants. Such as Video and Party chats or our exciting live games for example Texas Hold Em, Backgammon, Canasta, Skat and Chess.

Register today and meet lots of interesting new people!


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