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Heroes Saga en

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2015 the most classic Legendary Hero 3D mobile game is hitting the town!

《Heroes Saga en》 is the first action adventure RPG mobile game in South-east Asia.It brought together the world’s most famous movie and anime heroes, their most popular skills, creating bold innovations in game, all kinds of stunningly gorgeous hero skills and visually striking graphics which offers you an awesome gaming experience.

Recall your childhood heroes and heroines dream, who do you want to be? Now, realize your childhood dream in 《Heroes Saga en》!
Be your favorite hero and save the world!

Souls are tested in the end of the world!
This day is coming
Super heroes begin assembling
Shoulder the responsibility to save the world!
Now, you can also become a super hero!

Game Features

● [The most popular heroes fighting game ever]
Assemble world famous heroes in battlefield, unfold war across the space to save the world!

● [Stunning Battle scene, perfect blend of original story and game!]
The game brings 100% of hero's skills, gorgeous graphics, vivid sound effects, stunning combat scenes and brings you the ultimate immersive battle experience. It’s so irresistible!

●  [First Alliance BOSS battle, Hegemony System, 24 hours non-stop PK]
Player and Alliance, Guild Boss battle and Hegemony battle, awaiting on you to play!

●  [Real World Scenes, experience the end of the world like real]
Battle in real world scene, bringing together world renowned architectures and places, super immersive gaming experience!

Official Facebook Page:

Customer Service: [email protected]