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GO-25 SciRPN

19,00 kr
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GO-25 SciRPN simulates the venerable HP-25C Programmable Scientific Calculator. The HP-25C was released in 1976 and sold for a MSRP of $195. Virtually indistinguishable from the real item in operation, GO-25 is a powerful yet simple retro calculator.

•Requires iOS 6.0 or higher


•Copy / Paste

•Shake to clear X

•Programmable with 99 program steps, conditionals, full-speed or single step operation

•Built-in library of sample programs

•iTunes File Sharing

•Swipe-up gesture that displays the stack and memory registers, and the program listing views

•For iPad two finger drag operations for displayed views

•Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

•Trigonometric functions : sin, cos, tan, sin⁻¹, cos⁻¹, tan⁻¹, degrees, radians or grads

•Rectangular/polar coordinate conversion

•Hours, minutes, seconds to decimal degrees conversion, and vice-versa

•Logarithmic functions : log, 10**x, ln, e**x

•Summation Σ+, mean, standard deviation

•Other functions : Y**x,1/x, √x, π, FRAC, INT, ABS, %

•Display : LED, 10 significant digits (8 + 2 digit exponent in scientific notation), 10-99 to 10+99

•Memory : 4 register stack, stack roll down, X-Y interchange, 10 memory registers with register math

•Optional thousands separator