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Volvo On Call

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The official Volvo On Call app allows you to access your vehicle from your iPhone. This requires a vehicle from model year 2012 (North America requires model year 2015.5) that is equipped with a Volvo on Call Telematics unit. If your vehicle fulfills these requirements you will, depending on your model, be able to:

• Check vehicle dashboard status, such as fuel or battery level, trip meters, and more.

• Control your fuel fired parking heater, if the vehicle is equipped with a fuel fired parking heater.

• Control your cabin climate, if the vehicle is a plug-in hybrid.

• Locate your vehicle on a map or use the vehicle signal horn and blink indicators.

• Check the current status of doors, windows and locks for your vehicle.

• Lock and unlock the vehicle remotely.

• Request roadside assistance from within the app.

• Edit your driving journal, categorize trips as business or private, merge trips, rename and send to an email contact.

• Analyze your trips route with map view and statistics such as fuel and/or battery consumption, as well as speed.

• Even though you do not currently own a Volvo fulfilling the Volvo On Call requirements above, you can still install the App and try the demo mode.