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Kingcraft - Puzzle Adventures

7 delningar
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Enter the world of Kingcraft and discover the countless kingdoms that are waiting to be conquered! Choose the prince or princess and, together with your faithful dragon, put your abilities to the test in this addictive puzzle match 3 game!

Fly with them through a magical world and choose which land you will conquer next. Raise your noble rank until becoming the king of the island! Many islands and thrones are waiting for you. Are you ready?

Every territory has its own challenges! You must match the vegetable patches in Farmland, the fruits in the forest and climb to the top of the mountains to collect the valuable gems and minerals. The better your score, the more your land will produce and the quicker your chests will fill! Don't forget to stock up on fertilizers to optimize the performance of your harvests.

The richness of your lands will pave the way to new islands in which to expand your kingdom and great adventures. Play this challenging saga on your own or against your friends to see who can conquier the most kingdoms.

----------------------------------------------------- FEATURES------------------------------------------------------------------

- Conquer and expand your kingdom however you like! There isn't a predetirmed path to follow.

- You can be the king or queen of dragons! Simply choose your character.

- Make use of the different resources of your lands! Each one has its own value.

- Make the most of your kingdom by obtaining the best score!

- Don't let yourself be captured! Or you will have to pay for your rescue. Do you accept the challenge?

- An infinite variety of different islands full of challenging surprises!

- Visit the kingdoms of your friends and compete against them!