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Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals

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LEAD YOUR HEROES TO VICTORY! Discover the new fantasy world of Evagar: The Land of Immortals. Unlock and control powerful Heroes, cast devastating spells in epic multiplayer battles and dominate every territory to reach the top of the league!

• Fight to gain astonishing Heroes and upgrade their skills and spells

• Control Heroes in combat: select targets, carry out incantations

• Train 5 types of units with unique skills and deploy them in battle

• Play against others players in PvP mode and battle to become the leader of the League!

• Explore the game universe and discover new heroes in PvE mode

• Team up to form powerful alliances!

• Chat with your partners and coordinate your battle strategies

• Create your own citadel and strengthen its defences

• Assign archers, warriors, insanes and more to guard the city walls and gates

• Protect your citadel with outposts, catapults and fortifications

***WARNING: this application is optimised for the iPhone 4S and later. We cannot guarantee a satisfying gaming experience on older devices ***

A network connection is required to play. This game can be downloaded on cellular networks.

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