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Diamond Bubbles: Brilliant Era

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The most sparkling bubble shooter you’ve ever played on mobile!

Become one of the time travelers to tread the world at the dawn of civilization. Fuel time machine on diamonds and head right into the Era of Dinosaurs or Ancient Greece to pop bubbles.

Diamond Bubbles is an addictive bubble shooting game set in the beautiful past.

The cocktail of hooking gameplay, juicy visuals and a brand new energy system will drive you crazy!

Press Start to get carried away into antiquity in the next-gen time machine that fuels on… diamonds! You’ll need diamonds to make shots and pop bubbles throughout 6 historic epochs. Each era is more brilliant than the previous one!


* 100 thrilling levels on your map

* exciting search for the old inventor lost in a time twist

* no lives! you can fill the tank with diamonds and play from dusk till dawn

* super upgrades with extra skills - make your best shot!

* mix of steampunk & classic graphics for mesmerizing effect

Enjoy Diamond Bubbles: Brilliant Era on iPhone or iPad!