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*** We are constantly improving our App.

Thus we are thankful for every hint. ***

Discover our App ShotokanKata!

Have you already experienced this situation?

You study a kata form, than let it slide and soon you forget the sequence. So it happens often, that the student forgets the next step in the middle of the kata form.

„If I only had the chance to look the sequence up real quick, then I would master it pretty soon again.“

Even prospects and beginners can easily follow the kata sequences because of many illustrations.

This App is supposed to be nothing else, than the required support and even more:

• Which kata did I study last ? The list with the kata forms is build as a to-do-list. Depending on your progress, you can hook a kata off to change its order for a better overview.

•The portrait mode allows you to recognize and study important details, since illustrations are bigger.

• Illustrations can be zoomed in.

• Two final techniques are always bound with three movements inbetween. Thus you can exactly follow how to get from one technique to another.

• 3 different animation speeds and free scrolling allow you to adjust the app to the individual learning progress.

• Landscape mode offers you a view of multiple graphics at one time to be able to better follow the sequences.

• Eight freely eligible backgrounds put you in the right training mood.

• Always available legend allows you to look up the symbols really fast.

This App contains 3 Shôtôkan-Kata:

Taikyoku shodan

Heian shodan

Heian nidan

The upgrade to "ShotokanPro" contains additional 24 Shôtôkan-Kata:

Heian sandan

Heian yondan

Heian godan

Tekki shodan

Tekki nidan

Tekki sandan

Bassai dai

Bassai shô

Kankû dai

Kankû shô








Nijû shi ho




Gojû shi ho dai

Gojû shi ho shô


We wish you a lot of fun at practicing and hope that we could support you a little bit !

Available in german, english, french, italian and spanish.